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I like the Hotel Corona because

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  • It is only 20 metres from the beach
  • It serves Romagna-style cuisine
  • It has free Wi-Fi
  • You can rent bikes free of charge
  • It is pet-friendly

4-legged friends

Much more than a pet-friendly hotel in Riccione

Your dog keeps you company all year round, it faithfully follows you and loves you unconditionally; it reflects your moods and it is upset when you’re not well. And would you like to leave it at home when you go on holiday?


For this very reason, we would like to invite you to come to our pet-friendly hotel in Riccione, where we fulfil both our guests’ needs as well as those of their 4-legged friends.

Hotel Corona Riccione Pet Friendly
Servizi per amici a 4 zampe nel nostro Dog Hotel
Cornice per foto Ristorante Hotel Corona
Dog Hotel con spiaggia accessibile per cani
Cornice per foto Ristorante Hotel Corona

Our dog hotel services include:

  • A beach to which also your dog has access
  • A restaurant exclusively reserved for guests with 4-legged friends
  • Pet accessories for the hotel room: a made-to-measure pillow suitable for the size of your dog, a mat with bowls for food and water

And … upon request:

  • A grooming service
  • A personalised diet with particular attention to allergies and intolerances
  • A specialised dog sitter
  • A trustworthy vet on call 24 hrs a day
  • Washdog, self-service grooming h24
  • Dog taxi service for grooming by appointment
Servizi su richiesta per Amici a 4 zampe
Cornice per foto Ristorante Hotel Corona
Dog Hotel con dog sitter specializzato
Cornice per foto Ristorante Hotel Corona
Pulizia approfondita delle camere per vacanza con amico a 4 zampe
Cornice per foto Ristorante Hotel Corona

A thorough cleaning of your hotel room


Naturally the thorough cleaning of our hotel rooms is guaranteed: it is well-aired, the bed linen and the bed spread are changed, the floor and furniture are disinfected with specific products.


So, what else are you waiting for? Take your 4-legged friend on holiday with you and it will also be able to try our hospitality for itself!